Is Rheumatoid Arthritis Hereditary?

Hereditary factors can cause rheumatoid aches. The type of ache is directly related to the cause.

The most common causes of rheumatoid arthritis are:

  • Injury
  • Metabolic abnormalities
  • Hereditary factors
  • Infection

All of these things can affect joints and in turn can cause discomfort.

Injury will most commonly lead to osteoarthritis, whereas metabolic anormalities cause gout or pseudogout. 

The causes differ, but the symptoms are usually the same. Joint pain, or arthralgia, is the number 1 symptom of disorder.

Other symptoms commonly are stiffness or swelling of joints. Many people have reported that when their arthritis flairs they experience redness and swelling at the joint area. Because it can affect organs in the body fever, weight loss, fatigue and gland swelling can occur.

People with arthritis will obtain organ abnormalities. These abnormalities can take place in the lungs, heart or kidneys. Some people claim that their arthritis is most painful in cold weather or when it rains. This has yet to be proven, but it has been reported. 

The last major part of ache is the treatment. The therapies for this disease depend on the type. The most common treatment is medication. Doctors normally prescribe a medication to dull the pain.

Other therapies of arthritis include physical, splinting or surgical operations. All of these things are done by a trained doctor and lessen the pain. This disease can be extremely aggravating and can interrupt daily life. In most cases after getting some sort of treatment the pain will start to go away. As stated before, this is one of the most common disorders. 

The types and causes may vary, however the symptoms are usually the same. If experiencing any of the previously stated signs medical treatment is recommended. This can happen to people of all ages and should be taken very seriously. It can lead to other disorders if not handled properly. The most important thing to remember about it is that is can be treated.

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